piątek, 13 stycznia 2012

Warsaw - tilt shift timelaps

Unfortunately today non-3d stuff. But I think that taking photos is crucial even in 3d.
Recently I bought new camera this is my second one but this time its Canon not Nikon. I gave my dad my  old D80. Why?? Canons are quite good for making films and whats more they shoot 60fps. This was the main reason I did a switch. I can't tell any thing bad on my old D80 - it was really good camera!!!
As it comes to my new Canon 60D I can't tell nothing yet. I did only few shots with it. But what I have found is that I love to make timelapses. Below is a my first try. I have tried to apply a tilt shift effect but It came out a bit crappy. In future I hope to find some time for making timelaps with camera projection. It gives mind-blowing results. You can check one here.

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