piątek, 25 czerwca 2010

Rigging Tools v1.0

I'm gonna write this post only in English because it's gonna be a long one:P.
As I promised here is a set of scripts I've called Rigging Tools. Those scripts are really useful in facial rigging. This is a v1.0 because I have some ideas in mind that I might add in future versions. But just with this small set of tools you can really speed up your work.

I will just list what you can do with those tools:
Parenting group - lets you parent selected object(s) to a Point Helper with or without inheriting the hierarchy.
Set points - this tool just creates points and aligns them with the objects. Update option lets you update(size, point's look) already created (and selected) points.
Make stretchy bones - As it says it creates stretchy bones of selected chain of bones.
Freeze Position, Rotation - freezes the rotation and position of an object.
Info section - displays the information about position and rotation of an object. Displayed values are from controller that is set to active.
Mirror - mirrors objects along each axis. Can copy selected object or whole object's hierarchy.
Control - is an viewport control that is helpful in facial rigging. It has already assigned limit controllers.
Spinners - these buttons create Empty modifier (optional) and assign set of spinner as custom attributes to is. Face button is in progress. It is gonna create whole UI for facial control.
Face Controller - Controller used in facial bone based system. First you need to pick an object that is going to be a control. After picking and clicking on the the Create button, script copies(optional) the controller you selected and place it in place of selected point in bone based system. Then it creates some wiring structure. It ends up with a fully working control for facial control.

How-To video will be posted tomorrow because now i'm leaving to see the match:P.
You can download the script here: Rigging Tools v1.0

3 komentarze:

  1. nice work!!!
    can you write a script to make a walk realtime?
    like, draging a controller and the rest animation follows in realtime?

    i have wrote it to animate, but cant make it realtime.

  2. Hi eNVy.
    I'm not a rigger and It has been a while since I worked in 3ds max. I'm more Maya guy right now. That is a quite a challenge you are trying to accomplish.
    Good luck but I cant help.
    You can try to ask Paul Neal - http://www.paulneale.com/.
    Maybe he will help you.