środa, 7 listopada 2012

Xbox controller

This post is a continuation of an old one. I've played a little bit with the look of a xbox controller and put it in motion. Breakdowns are also added at the end.

I'm also posting a still frame because the compression is dimming the detail.

niedziela, 4 listopada 2012

Updated post - Painkiller - Cinematic

Here is a new cinematic made by Televisor agency for new game Painkiller Hell & Damnation.
I've help here with some modeling, texturing, shading and rendering. 
Main software was of course Maya and Mental Ray.

Here is a much better in-house version from Televisor.

piątek, 31 sierpnia 2012


Some test from today. I never had time to play with the SSS shader so here are my tryings. fast_simple is relatively simple shader but anyway needs a lot of twicking to work properly. I strongly recommend to register to gnomonology side and check free tutorials. There are few tuts regarding SSS shader.
Some seems are still visible.
Here are Mental Ray renders with no post work.

wtorek, 10 kwietnia 2012

x-box pad

I love to work with shaders and lighting so today just a simple X-box pad just to keep this blog alive and for practice.
Rendered with Maya MentalRay with some quick post work in PS.
Model was found on the net.

poniedziałek, 19 marca 2012

v-ray gems

A while ago I tried to render a diamond. This one is done using V-ray for maya. Mental ray does not provide dispersion which can be observed in diamonds. I found out that you can achieve this in post by assembling a few renders with different IOR and colors. This is my first try with vray. I've added zdepth, chromatic aberration and bloom in post. Caustics don't look that natural but because my computer was struggling with this dispersion a lot a don't want to burn it in second try:D.
I'm adding a screenshot of my shader setup f any one is interested.

piątek, 13 stycznia 2012

Warsaw - tilt shift timelaps

Unfortunately today non-3d stuff. But I think that taking photos is crucial even in 3d.
Recently I bought new camera this is my second one but this time its Canon not Nikon. I gave my dad my  old D80. Why?? Canons are quite good for making films and whats more they shoot 60fps. This was the main reason I did a switch. I can't tell any thing bad on my old D80 - it was really good camera!!!
As it comes to my new Canon 60D I can't tell nothing yet. I did only few shots with it. But what I have found is that I love to make timelapses. Below is a my first try. I have tried to apply a tilt shift effect but It came out a bit crappy. In future I hope to find some time for making timelaps with camera projection. It gives mind-blowing results. You can check one here.