środa, 1 grudnia 2010

Hounted House

Here is a scene I did lighting and texturing for. Please keep that in mind that we had only one day for this. Scene was downloaded from 3drender.com. Very nice side with many scenes ready to be lighten or textured. Unfortunately I had some issues with rendering (as always;]). It's the first time had something like that when the rendering was doing fine untile I came rendering a specific region in the scene and when it did it was over. In this scene it first step of stairs. Maya was saing that its stil rendering ;]. Noooot. I've wait twice as time for a one little rect as I was waiting for the whole image. I've discover that The issue was in the texture because the same region rendered without problems when there was no map at all. I had no time for these kind of games so what I did was a duplication of a step above and bringing it down. I'm still not sure what was the issue. Maya software was doing fine. Hmm.... If anyone had the same issue please write to me.

Peace out.
...see you next time with mr Incredible model which is already finished but I had no time to post it.

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