niedziela, 6 czerwca 2010

Bone Based Facial Rig

Bone Based Facial Rig of mine. Second method of facial rigging after blended morph targets. I have found this method better then the last one. It is much faster after you have scripts that I will post soon. Those will really speed up your work, only thing that remains the longest to work on is skinning. What is more, this method once done well provides you a lot of fine face expressions, while in the blended morph system you have to create LOTS OF(!!!) targets to achieve the same effect. Another important thing is that the Morpher is additive modifier so the more targets you create the more difficult work becomes. The targets starts to overlap.
When choosing the method it all depends on the purposes of your character how much he will have to express. If it is just a few phonemes or just a smile, it is faster to use morpher with a few targets in other cases bone base system is what you need. It may take longer to finish it at the first time without scripts but after like I said the Skinning part is the longest.

Powyżej możecie zobaczyć filmik z możwilościami rigu opartego na kościach. To drugi sposób na animację twarzy po metodzie którą przedstawiłem wcześniej, korzystającej z wielu zestawionych ze sobą "targetów" dla Morphera.

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